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Quito Zoo in English

Quito Zoo 

Quito Zoo, home to over 130 animals native to Ecuador, provides an easy way to see incredible wildlife unique to South America on an easy day trip from Quito.  We act as a home for rescued or donated animals that have been taken from harmful living conditions. 

Quito Zoo believes that conservation, research and education are essential to preserving Ecuador’s incredible biodiversity. The Zoo is therefore involved in a wide array of conservation efforts:

  • Maintenance and care of animals on display. 
  • Educational programs within the zoo such as summer camps and interactive displays. 
  • Educational programs in local communities to inform about the importance of conservation. Current projects are working with the Andean Condor and Mountain Tapir. 
  • Receive rescued animals taken through illegal animal trafficking, with the goal of placing them in sanctuaries throughout Ecuador. 

The mission of Quito Zoo is to conserve the biodiversity of Ecuador, with special emphasis on the species that are most in danger of extinction.  Your visit to the zoo helps to cover the costs of not only the animals on display, but also the costs of supporting the many rescued animals the zoo has received and has in quarantine, out of public view. 

The Zoo offers a wonderful opportunity to see Ecuador’s incredible plant and animal biodiversity within a day trip from Quito or along the way to the markets of Otavalo.  Home to the famous Galapagos Tortoise, the rare Andean or Spectacled bear, the stealthy Jaguar and an incredible aviary, Quito Zoo provides a chance to see the best of Ecuador's wildlife all in one place.  Learn about the animals before seeing them in the wild, or enjoy an opportunity to see wildlife you may never have been able to see otherwise.

Quito Zoo also offers volunteer opportunities and internships to people interested in helping with animal enrichment, animal care and husbandry as well as marketing and public awareness. 

Directions to get to the Zoo: 

  1. Take the Metro Bus ($0.25) to Terminal La Ofelia. 
  2. Ask for a bus to Guayllabamba/Zoologico ($0.65, 45 min). 
  3. Get off at ¨Zoo 3km¨ sign or ask driver for Zoologico. 
  4. Take white and green taxi 3km to Zoo ($1.50 per ride). 

How to ask for directions to the Zoo in Spanish: 

  1. Estoy buscando el Terminal La Ofelia. 
  2. Necesito un bus para ir al Zoológico en Guayllabamba. 
  3. ¿Me puede avisar cuando estamos en la entrada para el Zoológico? 
  4. Necesito un taxi para ir al Zoológico. 

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Friday: 08h30 to 17h00
Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays: 9h00 to 17h00
Last ticket sale is at 4pm.
Quito Zoo is CLOSED on Mondays.

Fundación Zoológica del Ecuador / Zoológico de Quito

Huertos Familiares S/N, Guayllabamba, Ecuador. Casilla postal. 17-17-349

Tels. (593 2) 236 8898 / 236 8900 | Cels. (593 9) 9804 6563 / 9146 3846 | Email: info@quitozoo.org

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